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Feather Bridal Bag - Various Sizes

Feather Bridal Bag - Various Sizes

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  • Lightweight with cushioned handle, makes for easy wearing over your shoulder, arm or swinging in your hand
  • Curved compartment reduces rummage time
  • Zipper closure
  • Branded with Rommy emblem plate in gold
  • Butter soft vegan suede lining
  • Both sizes fit the largest iPhone (5 Plus)
  • Comes with dustbag
  • Handcrafted in the United Kingdom by our small team of artisans
  • 100% silk satin
  • Complete the look with straw hat to match

Measurements: Mini: Full diameter: 22.5cm. Compartment height: 13cm. Compartment width: 18cm. Medium: Full diameter: 33cm. Compartment height: 20cm. Compartment width: 38cm. Maximum weight: 1kg

Take-back Scheme

Join our commitment to longevity by returning your used ROMMY bag within two years to receive a 30% discount code off your next purchase. This helps us to recycle + repurpose components such as the zip + hoop, reducing our environmental impact as a truly circular brand.

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