Self-Indulgent Accessories, Made to be Treasured

The best of British craft + design goes into Rommy's handbags + hair scrunchies,
bringing high quality accessories that are made to last + be cherished.
Named in homage to Rommy Revson, founder + patentor of the scrunchie,
we are an accessory brand dedicated to making you feel just that little bit extra.
Each piece is sculpted + hand-finished, creating a striking balance between luxury + sustainability.
It is important for Rommy to keep these traditional handcrafting skills flourishing alongside the fast-paced evolution of technology today.
These innovative practices + creativity are what make a Rommy piece unique,
reflecting good values + a commitment to sustainability.
Our Values
Innovation sits at the forefront of everything that goes on creatively behind our brand. From tiny Scrunchie Ring’s to a Scrunchie Stand that doubles up as a flower vase, we're constantly developing fresh ideas, striving to bring unique products never seen before. It’s so much fun finding ways to tap into current trends in imaginative ways.
Sustainability is the backbone of the biz. We're regularly reviewing our practices, reworking + reimagining the entire process to make it as conscious as possible. Our Take-Back-Scheme offers customers a chance to return their used Rommy bag within 2 years of purchasing it to receive a 30% discount code off their next spend. We then get to reuse components such as the zip + hoop for the process to start all over again, reducing our environmental impact as a truly circular brand.
Inclusivity + Opportunities sit hand in hand. We are a community-built brand, with a small artisan team mindfully handcrafting each piece in the United Kingdom. Being able to offer opportunities for craftspeople to join something exciting + thrive in their talents is a production model we're very proud of.
All of our products are photographed on customers + people from within our community as opposed to hired models. We're keen to get people involved in creative projects through styling, photography, makeup + more to help them gain experience + confidence in their areas.