Work From Home The Sustainable Way

Check out our below tips on doing your bit whilst working from home:
  • Position your workstation near a window so you’ve got as much natural daylight as possible to avoid putting lights on during the day
  • Avoid paper! Make notes on your laptop, phone or tablet and get used to reading documents from a screen
  • While you’ve got the extra time at home it’s the perfect opportunity to look after your laundry. Whack a load on cool wash first thing in the morning, then hang to air dry near an open window while you’re working
  • Try to minimise your laundry by wearing garments more than once, especially as you won’t be doing as much physical movement in your clothes as you usually would
  • For lunch, reduce food waste by planning lunches ahead of time, or crack on with leftovers from the night before, or make a larger dish to split for dinner to reduce cooking and electricity
  • One great impact from being at home is that your plastic waste footprint will reduce massively. No plastic water bottles or coffee cups on the go! We think coffee at home in your favourite mug always tastes better anyway, and save on washing up by reusing
  • Use your hour lunch break to repair that thing you’ve been keeping hold of but putting off for ages, it could be the zip on an old dress, or the clasp on a necklace
  • Be as energy savvy as possible. Switch off plugs you’re not using and avoid leaving things on charge all day and try not to put heating on where possible - layer up with jumpers!
  • Improve your indoor air quality with a desk plant, providing a cleaner, happier space for you to work in