Coffee with Rommy: Nicki Roberts

Coffee with Rommy: Nicki Roberts

This week we speak to Nicki Roberts, founder of Full Circle Tee's - a sustainable brand offering hand stitch and macrame workshops, with upcycle DIY kits available to buy online.

Hey Nicki! Tell us what you do

I host upcycle workshops at some of Manchesters most loved venues. The workshops focus on reusing and repurposing and are suitable for total beginners. I currently offer 2 workshops; a hand stitch workshop and a macrame plant hanger workshop. Both make use of preloved t-shirts of course! I also offer craft kits so you can work on your new found skills at home.

How did Full Circle Tee’s come about?

I first intended to set up a small online shop selling preloved t-shirts updated with prints and slogans. This was just going to be something to keep myself busy and creative outside of my full time job. My friend then suggested I host a workshop and the first one was really successful and gave me such a buzz soon I was hosting 3 or 4 workshops a week. 

What is the best thing about running your workshops?

I get to meet some of Manchesters loveliest people. The customers that come along are always so open minded and create such a relaxed atmosphere. It makes my day when I get messages after a workshop from customers that have carried on crafting at home.

Tell us about your relationship with fashion

I studied fashion styling at university and work for an online fashion retailer alongside running FCT so I have been immersed in the fashion world for some years now. It took me a long time not to succumb to the attitude that you can’t be seen in the same outfit twice around the office. I’m now happy to say I’m an outfit repeater and proud!

What do you think is currently missing in the world of sustainable fashion?

I would love to see more accessible and affordable clothing rental services. I think this is a perfect way to satisfy the need to buy something new for that special occasion but unfortunately a lot of those that exist are pretty pricey. 

Whats in store for the future of Full Circle Tee’s?

I would love to expand my workshops to new cities and build my online shop to stock more sustainable craft supplies and kits. 

What tips do you have for someone looking to become more sustainable?

Try and get out of the mind set that you need a new outfit for every occasion and try to pop into your local charity shop rather than browsing high street fast fashion stores. Have a wardrobe clear out so you can see and appreciate all the clothes you already have.

Watch Nicki's tutorials and purchase a DIY kit via her website

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