Coffee with Rommy: Kimberley Skye

Coffee with Rommy: Kimberley Skye

For Coffee with Rommy this week we’re going down under, to hear from Kimberley Skye, an eco stylist come Vet Nurse from Sydney. I’ve been a fan of Kimberley and her secondhand styling on Instagram for a while now (@_shopportunity) if you’re not already following her, stop what you’re doing right now and look her up! You won’t regret it. Read on for some great sustainable shopping tips and to hear all about how she rotates her wardrobe through selling what she wears on Instagram.

Hey Kimberley! Tell us a little bit about you

First and foremost I’m a wife & mum. I’m a qualified vet nurse who runs my own animal services company,  as well as a sustainable fashion stylist. I only style using vintage and thrifted pieces, to showcase how you can look good for less and don’t need to sacrifice style. 

Describe your style in one sentence

My style is a combination of tomboy, rock chick, grunge and boho. I’m a Pisces and grew up in the late 70’s - 90’s, so I a love whimsical maxi dress and kimono robe but I also lean towards biker boots & a leather jacket with anything too!

What is your relationship like with your wardrobe?

I love my wardrobe as it’s all second hand and has a story to tell. My clothes, shoes and accessories are all from op shops. I’ve incorporated a lot more colour as I’ve gotten older and patterns too. I generally rotate my wardrobe each season, and whatever I don’t wear I sell on my Insta or donate.

What first sparked your interest in thrifted fashion?

I’ve op shopped since I was a child, not out of necessity but the thrill of a bargain and finding unique pieces. I loved that I looked different to my friends and it’s a great way to embrace your own individual style and not follow the masses. Own it!

What is the biggest challenge you face when styling?

I am only 5 foot 2 so my challenge is that pants or dresses are way too long on me most of the time. Now that mum jeans are in and the french roll on your hems - it’s been a great way to counteract this problem, as rolled up is currently on trend. 

What do you think is currently missing in the world of sustainable fashion?

I think prices are becoming over inflated now that op shopping has become a trend. We’re forgetting about the real reason they exist! It’s to provide affordable clothing to our disadvantaged communities. Sadly when op shops become corporatised, there are budgets to meet and we can lose sight of the real meaning behind them.

Where do you see the future of fashion going?

It’s definitely headed in the right direction, due to growing awareness and consumer care. The questions are being asked Who Made My Clothes? As a community we’re more knowledgeable and informed to make decisions on what we choose to buy, and from where, which all has a flow on effect and will ultimately help to decrease our environmental footprint. We still have an awful long way to go, but EVERY little change we make will help. It’s not just about us, but generations from now too. There is no Planet B. 

What tips do you have for new-to-the-game sustainable shoppers?

Try not to be overwhelmed! Some op shops are huge and may not be organised. Fashion is fun, so enjoy it. Take your time and forget sizing and sections. Some of my best finds have been in the bedwear and men’s section, or retro and fancy dress racks. If I’m stuck for time, I personally leave the clothes alone and head straight for belts, bags & bling!

Tell us the story behind your favourite item of clothing

I have a few pieces of clothing, bags & jewellery that belonged to my Grandmothers. It’s the true meaning of circular fashion - reusing & recycling. It’s lovely to think their pieces are still being worn today out and about by their granddaughter. It gives meaning to your wardrobe. It’s not just disposable! Mend your clothes, cherish them and clothes swap, donate or sell to keep the life of them going that bit longer. I’ve found many a designer piece in thrift stores too, which cost me $30 but was valued at thousands. It’s hidden treasure! 


You can follow Kimberley on instagram - @_shopportunity and facebook shopportunitystyling

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