Coffee with Rommy: India Charlotte Wood

Coffee with Rommy: India Charlotte Wood

Hey India! Tell us about yourself

As you know my name is India, I run a fashion and lifestyle blog and I am very passionate about being thrifty. I have a degree in Linguistics and though I currently work in retail I'll soon be moving to Dublin with my boyfriend to study for my MA in Library studies!

What inspired you to start blogging?

Ever since I was really little my mum has had a blog of her own and was part of lots of online forums for people with interests similar to her own; this was a world I knew I'd always like to be a part of. I started my blog when I was 15, just posting outfits from my bedroom - and what better to blog about than my favourite thing, CLOTHES! I quickly made friends within this lovely blogging community and honestly can't imagine what life would be like without it. 

Whats your relationship like with fashion?

I'd say I have a very intense relationship with fashion. Personal style has always been massively important to me, if I'm not dressed like me, I just don't feel quite right. When I was little I always thought I wanted to be a fashion designer, I was obsessed with vogue and teen vogue, reading about how to get into the fashion industry and loved TV programmes like True Jackson VP (great show by the way!). I'm so glad that there is a little world online where fashion can be my main hobby.

What first sparked your interest in sustainability?

I've honestly always been interested and invested in sustainability, perhaps not as much as I am now. I think the increase in awareness around the fast fashion industry in recent years has encouraged a resurgence in my own effort to be more sustainable in the way I dress and the way I shop. 
Being sustainable doesn't just mean shopping second hand like a lot of people seem to think, it's about sharing and swapping as well as investing time and money into your wardrobe. Highlighting that fact is so important to me, it opens up being sustainable to a wider audience, encouraging them that they can do their bit.

You created the Instagram hashtag #ohsothriftystyle. What do you enjoy most about thrifting?

My favourite thing about thrifting, is finding something that no one else is going to have, something beautiful and special just for me - especially when it's vintage and fits perfectly. 

What do you think is currently missing in the world of sustainable fashion?

I think what's missing is a clear, yet open definition of what sustainable fashion is. To a lot of people it's quite a daunting term but if there was more clarity I think it could become a lot more inclusive.

A lot of people struggle to style thrifted pieces. What advice do you have and how do you envision your outfits?

I often also struggle to style thrifted pieces, generally only if I've picked up something I don't actually need or wouldn't normally buy or wear. I think the best way to style thrifted pieces is to look for inspiration online, searching through Instagram hashtags or using Pinterest is always a good idea, even just asking your friends how they'd wear something is really useful. I have a couple of friends who are always incredible at styling thrifted pieces and I'm always looking to them for inspiration. 

What tips do you have for someone wanting to shop more sustainably?

Start small. Make a little promise to yourself to start shopping slightly differently, instead of scrolling through ASOS maybe scroll through Depop. Instead of popping to the high street with your friends find your local charity shops and have a browse there first. It's so much easier than you think it's going to be and you don't have to fully cut out new from your life, maybe just make better choices about where it's coming from.

Tell us the story behind your favourite item of clothing.

Its honestly so hard to pick out my favourite item of clothing because I have so much I absolutely love. My favourite thing I have but will never wear again is my prom dress from high school. My mum made it for me, we designed it together and chose fabric together and it is the most beautiful thing I own. Of things I actually wear though I think my favourite would have to be a vintage dress my mum bought for me on my first trip to Dublin. I rarely try things on in store but I did with this dress and it fit like a glove. It is the most perfect summer dress and I will honestly have it forever. 

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