Best Scrunchies for Your Hair Type

Best Scrunchies for Your Hair Type

Best Scrunchies for Your Hair Type

Scrunchies may be our most-used hair accessory, and yet they may also be the most misunderstood. The ideal scrunchie for curly hair won't be the same for straight hair, and ditto for thick and thin. With nearly as many options as there are different types of cereals, it can be hard to figure out which one is best to use on your unique hair type. So Rommy has broken it down for you:


BEST FOR CURLY HAIR: Skinny Scrunchie

Made from premium satin, skinnies are designed to care for your hair, preventing snags, kinks and breakages we find with average hair ties. Curly hair is notorious for getting tangled, so the anti-friction material maintains it's grip yet glides off easily without pulling at strands.


The Swim Scrunchie is made to adhere to high endurance. Ideal to wear during sports for super firm hold.

BEST FOR THIN HAIR: Regular Scrunchie

If your hair lacks thickness, the quickest hack to make it look thicker when worn up is it incorporate a scrunchie the same colour as your hair into your updo. The best way to achieve this is in a low bun, or if you have length, create a pony and then pin pieces over the scrunchie and secure with a bobby pin behind the scrunchie.

BEST FOR THICK HAIR: Large Scrunchie

Thick hair needs a scrunchie with lots of stretch. Our large and XL styles not only stretch up to 10 inches, but the extra fabric helps to keep hair in place whilst creating a striking look.

BEST FOR WET HAIR: Spa Scrunchie

There's a reason the Spa Scrunchie is our bestseller. The perfect alternative to wrapping your hair in a towel, it's gentle on all hair types, reducing drying time while preventing frizz, kinks and breakages. Highly absorbent for use on wet hair on the go, round the pool or straight out the shower.

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