5 Ways to Care for your Hair + Stimulate Hair Growth

1) Wrapping wet hair in a towel puts unnecessary strain on your roots when it's most delicate, not to mention they're heavy and restricting, so use one of our lightweight spa scrunchies to soak up extra moisture instead. They look super chic and feel like a fluffy cloud. Perfect for spa days, holidays or pamper nights.
2) Always wear a scrunchie on your wrist to save having to reach for a snag-promising, hair-ripping elastic bobble. Our cloud scrunchies are so pretty you'll want one on your wrist for every day of the week.
3) Ditch your bobbles for a skinny sports scrunchie. You'll never look back. The super silky satin will eliminate pulls and breakages, whilst the compact ruching is great for keeping it's grip in your hair.
4) Introduce a scrunchie into your nighttime routine. Sleeping with your hair in a low satin pony will help to avoid kinks and bedhead, so there's no need to reach for the straigteners in the morning! Avoiding heat = hair growth. We recommend a satin style in regular or skinny. You can browse the range here.
5) Opt for a low bun over a high one to avoid pulling hairs from the root. Our XL scrunchies are perfect for creating an elevated look.

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